An Introduction From Dr. Steve

10 03 2011

Hello, and thank you in advance for reading, asking questions, supporting us, calling us out when an idea is not clear and concise  seems inaccurate.

You will notice a different “feel” to many of our blogs.  This is for a number of reasons.  First, at different times in our life, we are faced with different struggles.  How we go about solving them is different for everyone, and may be different in each situation.  Second, the topic of our blog will be in regards to a recent conversation, piece of literature, something in the news, basically whatever happens to be challenging or worthy of reference at a point in our life.  The purpose of the blog will be to stimulate thought, raise questions in your mind, inform you, clarify a confusing topic, and occasionally, perhaps instill a bit of inspiration.  Our intent is never to anger, although at times I guarantee we will anger you.  Sometimes the Truth is tough to swallow.  Tough.  No more apologizing.  No more Sugarcoating.  We (and many of our colleagues) have kept our mouth shut long enough, and it’s driving Read the rest of this entry »