About Warriors For Humanity

Warriors for Humanity are a group of Doctors who will be donating our time and energy to bring the message of health and vitality to the world.  Our mission is to educate our followers on a number of topics in regards to the essentials of health. There is one thing we, as a group, have learned about making changes.  Whether it is in regards to our health, or anything for that matter, before real, permanent changes in behavior can occur, we must first change the belief system inside of us.  Otherwise, we will always return to our old behaviors. Therefore, the intent of Warriors For Humanity is not to educate on the nuts and bolts of becoming healthy (although you will learn these in the process).  Instead, its intent is to help to refocus your paradigm.  To present to you a new “lens,” so-to-speak, through which you see the world.  Over time, our hope is that you are able to understand and embrace this paradigm. So what is our paradigm, you ask?  The words of R.W. Stephenson, (insert  years ago)….years ago couldn’t be more true today “(insert quote)    The new science of wellness, as our mentor, Dr. James Chestnut so prominently and emphatically points out, is not one of diagnosing ailments, or treating symptoms.  As you will see, dis-ease is not due to random chance, bad germs, bad genes, or bad luck.  Chronic Illness does not occur through “old age;” it is not inevitable, nor is it destined through your family.  The health of the people of our country as a whole is worse than it has ever been.  The rate of chronic lifestyle diseases continues to climb every year, even though we have more and more promised cures (drugs and surgery) every year. Osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, dementia, asthma, allergies, autism, heart disease, chronic fatigue, autoimmune disorders are more prevalent today than ever before. What you will learn, over time, is that your body is designed for health, as long as you treat your body as it was designed to be treated.  The new science of wellness looks at how your environment affects you.  How each choice we make either helps us to grow, adapt, and change;  or leads us in the other direction of eventual malfunction, dis-ease, and sickness Each of us will offer a different perspective on this same paradigm, and there will be doctors whose style of thinking you will gravitate to.  Enjoy, ask questions, and take action!


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