Miracle…Or Not?

30 03 2011

I heard it said once that there is two ways to look at life.  The first is as if nothing is a miracle.  That there is an explanation for everything.  The second is as if EVERYTHING is a miracle.  Beautiful sunny days, a newborn baby, a piece of art… The body’s unique ability to heal and repair.

I would like to tell a story about the very first miracle I experienced as a Wellness Doctor and Chiropractor.  There are many miracles to this story, or as some call it…destiny…

I met Rita while preparing for a health lecture at a local swimming pool.  Actually, I met her husband, Paulo who after speaking with for some time, decided to send his wife in to speak to me.  From Portugal, they were here for a few months, as Paulo was here on a work visa.  7 months prior to us meeting, Rita’s doctors in Portugal had found a malignant growth on it.  She had her thyroid taken out and went through Radioactive Iodine treatment to get rid of any thyroid tissue remaining.  Since the surgery and radiation, she was left with constant fatigue, headaches, moodiness, forgetfulness, mental fogginess, achiness in all her joints, and many other symptoms.  By four in the afternoon she was typically too tired to even want to do anything, much less enjoy herself.  Her career at a prestigious Portuguese University required long hours and quick decision making, and so she had to leave her career at a prestigious Portuguese University.  Her other doctors, as you will hear, told her this: you will have to live with this forever.  Imagine being told this!

Rita was one of my very first patients.  I did not know how much I would be able to help her.  I knew I would be able to get her some relief, but for some reason, at that time, I think Rita had more faith in my abilities than I did.  Even though the concept of what I do was completely foreign to her, as you will hear in her testimonial it made perfect sense to her.  Please take a few minutes to hear her miracle, of which chiropractic care, WHEN APPLIED AS IT WAS MEANT TO BE APPLIED, returned

her to her young, vibrant self again.  Sure I could go into the neurologic/physiologic pathways and use big words here like proprioceptive/nociceptive input/facilitation… but to do so would be an attempt at explaining away the true miracle that occurred.

One of Rita's Visits


So, perhaps what I would like to say here is this:  Rita was told she would have to live with this problem for the rest of her life.  There are SO many people out there today that have been told a similar story.  It doesn’t have to be that way. If those around you don’t have the answer you want to hear, don’t give up your search.  Another point I would like to make is this:

As Rita pointed out so perfectly, the best time to begin working with her health/nervous system would have been much earlier, and perhaps the “miracle” would look different-perhaps she would still have all her body parts.

Because of her miracle, both Paulo, Rita’s husband, and John, their

Practicing a new technique on John--from my wrestling days

son, soon were able to realize the benefits of care as well.  While we get to see miracles like this all the time, there is one final miracle that I would like to tell you.  The miracle is that this wonderful family from the other side of the world is still part of my life.  I consider it an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to care for such a special family.  And I always consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to help others who are looking for a “miracle” of their own, however big or small that may be.  Whether that means helping you to regain your health, or ensuring that it is as best it can be.




2 responses

11 04 2011
Sabrina Schleiger

Love this story! I believe in chiropractic miracles!! 🙂

BTW, what happened to your “Expect Miracles” sign? Did you leave it at your old office? I used to look at it at every appointment I had when we were trying to get Karebear to flip over and it helped me hold on and wait patiently for my miracle 😉

18 04 2011
Dr. Steve Nagel

It’s a great story isn’t it! The sign is still with me…awaiting its reappearance…

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