Leaving it all out there…the 13th Exit

19 03 2011

Something has been bothering me today. For the first time in a very long time, I quit early.  Before time ran out.  Before all the work was done.

For those that know me, I love CrossFit. I’ve been doing it for over a year and am actually getting to be slightly above average.  If you haven ‘t tried it, you should.  From a health perspective, it is the MOST effective and healthy way to become healthy, strong, and fit (the details will follow in the future).  Not only that, it has a very unique ability to create community among athletes (that is what members are generally called in the CrossFit community, regardless of skill level).  Instead of reading your magazine on a treadmill or doing your 3 sets of bench press at your local gym, each workout you are required to bring focus and attention, working on learning/improving a skill, your form, or flexibility.  When the actual workout begins, you are challenged and cheered on by those around you.  You get to know each other pretty well.  (I’ll be talking in the future about my two CrossFit Gyms–TwinFreaks CrossFit in Longmont, CO and Integral CrossFit in Gunbarrel, CO and why I love it so)

I am competing in the CrossFit Games.  One random workout, per week for 6 weeks.  The top 60 in my region qualify to play at the regionals.  That’s my goal.  On Thursday I did my first workout down at Integral Crossfit–a School of Health (www.integralcrossfit.com).  I thought I did well, but that I could do better.  So today I decided to take another shot at it.  With 90 seconds left, I stopped.  Quit.  Never before had I intentionally, voluntarily ended a workout early.   My excuse–I was behind my last workout’s pace, or so I thought in my exasperated, fatigued state.  I saw no use in going on.  Looking back, I was actually ahead of my old pace, but didn’t realize it.  Just 17 power cleans and 31 jump ropes and I would have improved my placing and my time.  So, now I regret not finishing.

How many times in life does this happen without us knowing?  A mentor of mine once said of those that are working toward their health, especially in regards to achieving their health goals and continuing their chiropractic care–It is like you are driving down a highway and it is dark.  You are in a hurry to get where you are going, and you are not sure what exit your turnoff is, but you know there will be a sign there to tell you that you are there.  It happened to be the 13th exit.  But as you drive it is a bit longer than you thought, and you decide to turn around.  You take the exit and turn around.  Guess what?  You turned around at the 12th exit, and now not only are you a little late, but you have totally missed out on everything you set out for.

Today, I turned around on the 12 exit.  Lesson learned.  And so I ask you this–when you decide to take the road towards health, will you stay the course, or get off on the 12 exit and turn around?




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